Toby Thorsen and Lule´s End (ENGLISCHE AUSGABE)

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A fantasy-mystery adventure

A series of novels: Vol. 1, 332 Pages
ISBN 978-3-944584-01-0


It all began when a very strange man gave him a letter from his parents, whom he was sure were dead. Toby – his full name was Tobyas Thorsen – was thirteen years old, and not even in a dream had he thought that his foster-parents Hannes and Irmchen could have been part of a plot against him.


Did they really want to give him shortly before his fourteenth birthday to a secretive stranger?


He only just escaped from the planned kidnapping. During the adventurous flight which followed he got to know Tini, a girl of the same age, who deciphered for him a secret message containing the words “Lule´s End”. In this way he reached Verbola, a land behind the Thought Horizon of human beings…


This is not a fantasy-story in the accepted sence. The main happenings do not deal with magic, fables, or the supernatural. Toby Thorsen isn´t a wizard´s apprentice. Neverthele, he has access to technical possibilities from the future, and recognize things we all somehowor other know about, or presume that they do exist. He is not a daredevil, not a teller of tales. He's a fourteen-year-old boy a very early has to accept real responsibility. Therefore, he realised quickly that everything in life has two sides, fire and water, love and hate, good and evil - and even and again he has to make a decision.


This book takes one's breath. Top entertainment!

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